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The planning research and statistics department of the National Commission for Persons with disabilities is headed by the Director and has two units planning and programs as well as Research and statistics. These units work hand in hand with other departments of the commission to ensure smooth running of activities.


Research into the internal organization and operational modalities of NCPWD.

Collation and compilation of statistics relating disability issues and Associations or groups in clusters around the country.

Study of projects/programmes proposals from MDAs relating to disabilities.

Formulation, analysis, review and updating of Annual report, medium term Strategy, Master plan for the disabled community.

Preparation of scorecard for Monitoring and Evaluating research conducted on disabled persons across the country.

Development of implementation plan for the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

Preparation of perspective plans which include short term, medium term and long-term plan articulation and defense.

Development of priorities and operational plans for budget related matters.

Routine collection and analysis of information to track progress against set plans to check compliance to established standards.

Development of monitoring and evaluation tools, instruments and activities in line with universal best practices.

Collate operational records of the commissions e.g. annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly performance evaluation Taking inventory of the Commission's activities.

Manages the website of the Commission

Conduct research on various disability phenomena Nigeria as approved by the Commission.

Conducts further analysis on any survey conducted by the Commission or NGOs, CBOS, Consultants, MDAS etc.

Conduct a data collection exercise in order to measure relevant information of persons with disabilities in Nigeria, Responsible for the review of the National policy on disability.

Analyze the existing policies of the Commission with the view to enhance their implementations.

Collate operational records of the Commission e.g annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly performance evaluation. Taking inventory of the Commission's activities

Articulation and publication of annual, bi-annual and quarterly reports of the Commission.

Archiving all research production and publications of the Commission

Technical training and development of staff.

Liaison with relevant departments of the Commission.

Provide information and background materials to relevant ministries, departments and agencies, NGOs partners on request.

Meetings, seminars, workshops pertaining to records. reporting and training

Manages the website of the Commission.

Populating the website with approved information.

Monitors the users and various uses of the website