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Core Mandate

The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities was established with the mandate to coordinate and implement activities that guarantee full inclusion of Persons with Disabilities into the society in areas of education social economic and civil rights and related matters as entrenched in Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018.

Functions Of The Commission

Formulate and implement policies and guidelines as appropriate for the education and social development of persons with disabilities.

Prepare schemes designed to promote social welfare of persons with disabilities and the estimate of cost of implanting such schemes

Promote and uplift the general social well-being of persons with disabilities by encouraging the public to change their attitude toward persons with disabilities;

Make available not less than 5% of the work force to qualified persons with disabilities

Enlighten the public and encourage persons with disabilities

Collect data and records on special education of persons with disabilities, which shall be a regular exercise so that the persons with disabilities are identified and enumerated for planning and treatment;

Ensure that all facilities in each community all over the federation shall be built or modified where and when feasible, to accommodate the special needs of persons with disabilities;

Ensure the monitoring, evaluation and realization of government policy objectives on persons with disabilities;

Facilitate the procurement of scholarship award for persons with disabilities up to university level;

Establish and promote inclusive schools, vocational and rehabilitation centers for the development of persons with disabilities

liaise with the public and private sectors and other bodies to ensure that the peculiar interest of persons with disabilities are taken into consideration in every government policy, program, activity;

Issue insignia of identification of persons with disabilities;

In collaboration with other relevant government agencies and professional bodies in the building industry, enforce compliance of public buildings codes and impose necessary sanctions and make appropriate orders;

Receive complaints of persons with disabilities on violation of their rights;

Support an individual’s right to seek redress in court, investigation, prosecution or sanctioning in appropriate cases, the violation of the provision of this act;

Ensure research, development and education on disability issues and disabled persons;

Collaborate with the media to make information available in accessible format for persons with disabilities;

Procure assistive device for all disability types.